About ME


Tytti Laitakari is a Surface and Textile Designer from Helsinki, Finland. Currently she is working as a Artwork Studio Designer in Marimekko. Previously she has been working for Vallila, Innofusor and Lauritzon’s and has graduated from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Tytti loves working with colors and patterns and her goal as a designer is to create beauty everywhere around us. She doesn´t limit her creativity to any spesific material or product, since she is always willing to challenge herself to try new things and push the boundaries of Surface Design.

Her designs are often rich and detailed, but she also enjoys making simple and geometric patterns with a twist. Tytti creates her designs always by hand and is keen on keeping the original feeling of the sketch in the final product. Her Designs have been sold for International and Finnish companies including Nanso, Vimma and Karto.

Feel free to contact if you want to make something great together!